1. This Way


We all have regrets...I wrote this song one night while pondering over mine....

I'm taking this time/ To reflect all the things that are in my head/I'm finding it hard/ To forget my regrets and put them all to rest/ Maybe someday/ The powers that be will take them all away/But for now I'll Just go on This way/ It seems when you're down/The people that you know are never around/ You're sitting at home/And suddenly you're feeling all alone/ Maybe they're right/Just put this all behind you and get on with your life/But for now I'll Just go on This way/ Something's wrong/ It's been too long/ I'm just not strong/ To go on feeling this way/ Feeling this way/How long will this last/ That's another question that I always ask/ The answer to find/ Is looking for a quarter in a room full of dimes/ All that I know Is that I'll never ever trust another soul/ And for now I'll Just go on This way/ Yeah for now I'll Just go on This way