"Turning 30 is tough to swallow for anyone. You think you know what this life is all about, but the days slip through the hourglass quicker than you expect. Your 20s then seem like nothing in the grand scheme of things. New York City’s folksy gem Chris DeVito pours out her sadness onto her acoustic guitar for a truly gutting performance. On her searing “Thirty,” a remarkably astute confessional that heaves grave melancholy, DeVito illustrates both vulnerability and remarkable strength in her willingness to expose every one of her trembling emotions. “I still feel cold and empty / Like a saddened widow’s grave / And when someone asks me what went wrong / I turned 30 today…,” she mourns fading youth, layers of the past falling away like lost memories. The dawn of reality breaks just over the horizon, and while the existential dread sets into the body, countless regrets morph into a comforting blanket in which we all wrap for comfort and warmth together.- Jason Scott, B-Sides & Badlands  (bsidesbadlands.com)

" Not since the progressive 1960's has there been a folk artist like Chris DeVito. Her performance has the soulful quality reminiscent of that period. Her songs are like windows into one's innermost emotions. A great listening experience." - Jay D'Amico, Jazz Pianist-Composer.    


 "Chris De Vito is one of the most gifted singer-songwriters today. She has the ability to get in touch with her deepest feelings, translate them into creative words and music, and get directly into the listener's soul through her intense interpretations." - Greg Wheeler, Singer/Songwriter.    www.gregwheelermusic.com    

 "Chris' vocals feel to me like a beautiful rest on a velvety, billowy cloud.  Her lyrics are soulful and expose the generous heart of a questing spirit.      Lovely, just lovely."    - Maura Nolan, RYT  (Of Charlotte and Emily)