Welcome to www.chrisdevito.com

Chris' debut CD, "Beyond the Great Big Sky", is available for purchase on i-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify as well as many other music platforms.  You can also listen right here on her MUSIC tab above or you can even ask "Alexa" and she'll be happy to play you Chris' music too.                                                                                           

Chris has added a new feature on here as well. Her YOU TUBE VIDEOS are now accessible in one click above.  These YOU TUBE VIDEOS include her latest project   "At Home Sessions - Songs From the Couch" which feature Chris performing songs straight from her couch, to yours. It also features some of her live gig performances as well.       

"Thank you for visiting my site.  I truly hope you love what you hear.  Stay well and stay safe during these trying times that we are all struggling to cope with in our world today."   - Chris